Depiction Of Childhood Tragedy And Innocence In Comics

Art by Tim Sale from Batman Rebirth (2016)

The character

Simply put, Bane is a man who was born in a prison, bearing a life sentence for his father’s crimes, and his mother died when he was still just a little boy. Left alone, his only role models and parental figures were literal criminals. To survive, he (still a little boy) had to kill someone with a shiv that he hid inside his teddy bear. And this led to him being trapped in the famous pit (an extreme version of real-world solitary confinement), that got reinvented in The Dark Knight Rises and made an appearance in The Harley Quinn show.

Art by Jorge Fornes from Batman Rebirth (2016)

The tragedy

It is his origin that bears the tragic root of all. Bane is inherently innocent. He didn’t get half his face burned and chose to take vengeance against justice. He didn’t lose his wife to an illness and chose to do anything for a cure. He didn’t have a bad day and chose to be mad. No. His father was sentenced for life, but he was the one that bore it, from birth. How could anyone, born surrounded by criminals, become anything but… a criminal. And this is what makes Bane interesting for me.

Art by Mikel Janin from Batman Rebirth (2016)



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